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Thursday, December 16, 2010

After you pass the exam and obtain your LICSW certification, you are typically required to practice under direct supervision for at least five years, depending on the state in which you are certified.

Care Settings

Doctorate in social work typically work in clinical settings, for example counseling centers, mental health centers, substance abuse practices and hospitals.

Patient Population

They are able to provide care management, therapy, substance abuse counseling, individual and group psychotherapy, play therapy and behavior modification to both children and adults.


Social workers also can refer patients to psychiatrists for medication management.

Private Practices

After their introductory period during which direct supervision is required, licensed clinical social workers can open their own practices.


National Associate of Social Workers

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Thursday, October 14, 2010

The grandmother becomes more and more agitated as the train lurches towards the Hungarian-Romanian border. Tears leak into the furrows around her blue eyes. She clutches my hands. "Help me, help me," she begs in crude German, our only common language. I nod, terrified.

She bustles around the compartment. Bunica - that's the local word for granny - secrets a chocolate bar under my newspaper, rams a container of Viennese coffee into my duffel bag. "You're a foreigner. The police won't take your things," she explains, detailing all the border-thefts she has suffered. Though Romanian, she works in a brassiere factory in Austria, returning once a year to her family. I am smuggling her excess treats.

At least, I sincerely hope they are treats, not, say, cafe canisters crammed with cocaine. The train jerks through the ink-dark countryside. We stop frequently. Boots slam up and down the carriage. I pretend to doze, blue passport displayed ostentatiously. Bunica croons and rocks, hyperventilating slightly. I begin to hate her. Why did she pack 12 jars of instant espresso anyway? The Cold War is over. Supplies cross the border in happy, capitalist fashion. Did she miss the memo?

The grim guards finally materialize. They glance briefly at my documents, amused by a tourist on the Budapest-Cluj night service. Then they ransack Bunica's bags. She weeps. I watch sternly, doing my best U.N. Human Rights Officer impression. Perhaps it works: the border thugs leave her chocolate hoard in peace.

Bunica kisses me and dances around the compartment. Then she prepares a celebratory coffee from her stash, mixing the brown powder with fizzy mineral water. "Mmmmm. Gut!" she declares, shaking the bottle. I choke down the tepid mixture - quite possibly the worst beverage of my entire life - and toast my first trip to Eastern Europe.

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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Starting a business takes an average of 11 days in Romania, compared to the global average of 48 days.The granting of a business license can be difficult, and closing a business is also difficult.Complicated rules are sometimes contradictory and not always transparent, and the result is unreliable interpretation.The overall freedom to start, operate, and close a business is relatively well protected by the national regulatory environment. Countrywide loan modification need legal assistance. Keep on reading to discover how a loan modification attorney can help you get the results you want from your lender.

Total government spending in Romania, including consumption and transfer payments, are moderate.In the last year, government spending reached 31st1 percent of GDP, and the government received 7th6 percent of their revenues from public companies and the government of the property.The privatization has been slowly progressing.

Romania's weighted average tariff rate was 3 percent in 2005.Prohibitive tariffs, restrictive sanitary and phytosanitary regulations, tariffs, weak enforcement of intellectual property rights, corruption and customs, all add to the cost of trade.Therefore, an additional 20 percent deducted from the trade of Romania, the freedom of the guest, in order for these non-tariff barriers to trade account.Romania has a low tax rates flat.

Both the income tax debt relief and corporation tax is a flat 16 percent.Other taxes include a value added tax (VAT), a property tax, and a vehicle tax.In the last year, tax revenues as a percentage of GDP amounted to 27th1 percent. Inflation in Romania is high, average, 10th3 percent between 2003 and 2005.The government is in a position to influence prices through regulation, subsidies, and numerous state enterprises and utilities.Therefore, an additional 10 percent deducted from Romania monetary freedom score to account for this policy

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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Eco-friendly Romania

People who live in small farming villages throughout the country have been overwhelmed by the experts of well-accessorized that came to their town and told them how they will manage their operations under the aegis of the EU or by businessmen told how they 'Re to provide their forces or land, as is commonplace known.

They were informed that they can access information on the Internet while many of these farmers do not even have indoor plumbing.Perhaps the EU will play a role in the modernization not only the agricultural life, but also providing updates of green solutions.

Green or environmentally friendly, alternatives to the old fires of industry is not something often heard at least discuss a mining site such as Rosia Montana, where threats to the open pit are highlighted by the Romanian Academy, or the project in Baia Mare where Aurul River Lapus made toxic waste into the Somes, Tisza and Danube..

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Thursday, June 08, 2006

Some sites about Romania.
Personally I’m going to spend vacation in Romania. So these days I keep trying to get some information about this country and oppotunities that it offers.

I looked through several sites and can reccomend you several most interesting and useful:

Dry Tortugas

Especially I like

Here you can find not only accommodation guide, hotel and tour deals, but authentic experience, news and views:,

Thursday, May 04, 2006

The Romanian restaurants and gastronomy.

Although international cuisine is available in better quality restaurants, make sure Restaurant_03that you savour the local Romanian dishes. Romanian cooking is rich, tasty and substantial, as befits a country were all food is still naturally grown, where fruits and vegetables follow their normal season, and when the winter is cold.

Pork is a special favorite, but you will find good beef, veal, and chicken too. They are delicious simply grilled. Typical Romanian specialties include a range of soup " ciorba ", a sour soup made from fermented bran , bacon, potatoes and beef or chicken. Hearty stews such as " Tachitura Moldoveneasca " are accompanied like many Romanian meat, and " Mititei " is small grill sausages perfumed with aromatic herbs. Among Fish dishes sample carp on the spit, a local specialty in the Danube Delta.

A range of excellent white and red Romanian wines of the famous vineyards ofRestaurant romania Murfatlar, Cotnari, Jidvei, Dealu Mare, Odobesti, Valea Calugareasca, accompany local and international dishes to perfection, while " Tuica " the local plum brandy is often drunk as a digestive. But beware, it carries a sting in its tail! The local Romanian beers are excellent.

Monday, May 01, 2006

Active tourism - flight by parachute.

More than 40 places of this kind are to be found in Romania. Among the most famous are Prahova Valley, especially the superior side of the valley (around 150 in the north of Bucharest), Bucegi Mountains, Hasmas Mountains with Bicaz Gorge, Apuseni Mountains, and Vatra Dornei, and the areas near the sea – the north of the coast.

To fly by parachute in Romania you need a valid legal pilot licence. If the own equipment is used, it has to have an ID certificate and a paper issued by the Romania’s Airclub.

In Vatra Dornei area the flights are safely done in parachutes with two places (byplace), the tourists being accompanied by highly experienced pilot-instructors. The transport to the mountainous peaks is done with a special 6X6vehicle, whose renting tariff is included in the price.

The participants – six people.
The taking off areas from the mountains surroundin Dorna Basin are perfect and safe, the mountains having round ridges, grass and the speed of the wind in the legal limits.

On Dorna Basin, many excellent thermic currents are to be found, allowing those who fly to do it for hours, and also dynamic currents, turning the flight into a real pleasure.

7-day training courses can also be attended in Vatra Dornei.

  • Professional equiments are provided
  • The beginning of such a course requires a group of minimum six people.
  • The courses begin with theory, video classes, and the real flight on the spot with different sizes parachutes. In the end, the long flights are performed.
  • The transport on the spot is provided by a 6x6 vehicle.
  • The month or the programme are settled in accordance with the number of the participants. The costs are around Euro 50.

More info at : Sport Hotel *, RO-725700 Vatra Dornei,33 REPUBLICII STREET Tel / Fax: 0230/371.567, Mobile: 0723.82.93.01, ADVENTURE TOURISM CENTRS ROMANIAN RAFTING VATRA DORNEI