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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Eco-friendly Romania

People who live in small farming villages throughout the country have been overwhelmed by the experts of well-accessorized that came to their town and told them how they will manage their operations under the aegis of the EU or by businessmen told how they 'Re to provide their forces or land, as is commonplace known.

They were informed that they can access information on the Internet while many of these farmers do not even have indoor plumbing.Perhaps the EU will play a role in the modernization not only the agricultural life, but also providing updates of green solutions.

Green or environmentally friendly, alternatives to the old fires of industry is not something often heard at least discuss a mining site such as Rosia Montana, where threats to the open pit are highlighted by the Romanian Academy, or the project in Baia Mare where Aurul River Lapus made toxic waste into the Somes, Tisza and Danube..

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